Eden Prairie pom squad

The Pom Squad is an Eden Prairie High School varsity dance team. This ***Nationally Recognized*** team performs both Jazz and Pom routines and offers to the high school student:

-challenging dance routines with elite technical trainers
-a highly motivated team with a commitment to excellence
-unique team bonding experiences creating camaraderie
-a supportive and active parent group
-opportunities to provide spirit and halftime entertainment at EPHS, including football, soccer and basketball game performances
-representing EPHS at local competitions throughout the fall/winter seasons (not sponsered by the MN state high school league)
-compete on a national level, attending the Universal Dance Association National Dance Team Championships at Disney World. 

The Eden PrairieHigh School Pom Squad will strive to embody the ideals of a champion not only through the traditions established by alumni, but by creating a personal legacy.  By being fearless, passionate, focused and dedicated in all aspects, the team will wear “EPPS” with pride and represent Eden Prairie High School with honor.

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 For further information, contact coach Chelsea Banken via email at eppomcoach@gmail.com

About Us





The purpose of the Eden Prairie High School Pom Squad is to promote school spirit, provide half-time entertainment at athletic events and to represent the school and community at dance team competitions not sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League.

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