Eden Prairie pom squad

EDEN PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL POM SQUAD's mission is to promote school spirit, provide half-time entertainment at athletic events, and represent the school and community at national competitions, most notably the UDA National Championships in Orlando, Florida and broadcasted by ESPN.

EPPS offers the high school dancer unique opportunities including:
- being part of the only nationally competitive high school varsity team in the state of Minnesota
- experience with elite technical coaching from World Champion-winning dancers, choreographers and coaches
- a highly motivated, intense dance experience with a commitment to excellence
- a unique, tightly bonded team with a camaraderie like no other
- a supportive and active parent group

The Eden Prairie High School Pom Squad will strive to embody the ideals of a champion not only through the traditions established by alumni, but by creating a personal legacy.  By being fearless, passionate, focused and dedicated in all aspects, the team will wear “EPPS” with pride and represent Eden Prairie High School with honor.

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 For further information, contact coach Chelsea Tjornhom via email at eppomcoach@gmail.com

About Us





Eden Prairie Pom Squad,  winner of eight UDA National Championships, is a varsity dance team that competes with other teams from across the country in Jazz and Pom.  We also perform locally at school pep fest, basketball, football and soccer games.